Get your injury diagnosed so you can get help

Car accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries - from headaches to permanent spine damage.  It is imperative to get a clear diagnosis of the injuries as early as possible to begin treatment for both the pain, and a full recovery of "functionality."  This is especially true of car accidents in Florida, as due to the PIP/"No Fault" rules, treatment must begin within 14 days of the accident!

The Broward Outpatient Medical Center Solution

To help address this issue, Broward Outpatient Medical Center has moved the applicable specialists into one building.  No more outsourcing to different locations to get your diagnostics done - Broward Outpatient Medical Center provides it all in one place!

diagnosis of a head injury from a car accident in broward county
  • Digital X-ray and analysis onsite
  • Floroscopy and analysis onsite
  • Electromyogram (EMG) and Nerve Conduction onsite

  • Quick lab results 
  • Onsite Orthopaedic specialists 
  • Onsite Chiropractors 
  • Onsite Podiatric specialists 

No facility in South Florida offers this level of comprehensive accident injury care under one roof. If you have been injured in an accident, don't run around for diagnosis, and later treatment. Come to the one location that can provide it all for you - Broward Outpatient Medical Center. 

What to expect: The Diagnosis Process 

The very first step is getting you in to an appointment with the doctor themselves.  Whether you call in to (877) 959-5137 or fill out the FREE Medical Consultation form, get the process started immediately - the clock is ticking! Once you are at the appointment:

Interview: The doctor will ask you a series of questions about your accident itself, and about your personal health and history.  Every accident is different, and every person't body is different, so it reacts to the circumstances of the accident in a unique way.  What might cause one person a mild headache might cause severe neck and spine damage to another.  The questionnaire is thorough and very important - it guides the next phase. 

Physical Exam: After the verbal review, the doctor will perform a thorough physical exam, with special attention to areas you have identified as problematic.  As accident injury specialists, our doctors know precisely what to look for physically, and may even call in another specialist for a specific issue (i.e., a podiatrist for a foot issue). Also, you will be tested for symptoms of a concussion and other common accident injuries. While a limited amount of information can be gained this way, it will trigger the next stage. 

Radiology and Testing: We use a variety of diagnostic tools to test for, as well as the depth and severity, of various injuries.  You may receive an in-house digital X-ray, as well as a variety of other diagnostics including Floroscopy, EMG, or our incredibly quick lab results. 

Diagnosis & Treatment: The results will be brought together, reviewed by the specialists, and a diagnosis given.  With the diagnosis will be a proposed treatment plan.  


If you or someone you love has been in an accident that resulted in injuries to that, it is important to seek medical care promptly to prevent long term damage and ongoing pain.


For a FREE Medical Consultation for your injuries, please call us at 954-532-6411
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Submission of this form is an application for a FREE Medical Consultation for your injuries suffered in a car accident.  You will be contacted by a representative to ensure you are qualified, and your appointment scheduled if you are qualified. The "FREE Medical Consultation" is an initial discussion with a medical provider about your accident injuries before an exam or treatment, which will be utilized to determine the appropriate diagnostics, and potentially treatment.