Dealing with an injury from an accident is a frustrating and frightening experience.  

The quality of your life may change dramatically – seemingly simple, everyday tasks become painful if not difficult.  Worse, you still have to deal with the lawyers and insurance company.  This is why it is important to work with a medical treatment provider who is experienced at treating accident injuries.  Broward Outpatient Medical Center is a medical treatment facility that specializes in accident injuries.  We know how to diagnose accident-specific injuries, protect your rights through proper evidence collection and tracking, and work hand in hand with your attorney to ensure you recover what you are due. 

We are PIP (No Fault) /Accident Injury Specialists  

The rules have changed:  If you are injured in an accident, you now only have 14 days after the accident to begin treatment to have your treatment covered. Many medical treatment centers, hospitals, urgent care facilities and emergency rooms can deal with your accident injuries, but few of them specialize in working with them.  This difference is important, and can effect not only your physical and mental recovery, but also your financial recovery.  As Accident Injury Care, we offer some unique benefits:

1) Proper Diagnosis of Your Accident Injury

We see accident injuries - we see them all day, everyday. We are familiar with the symptoms and have knowledge and expertise at their causes. We are usually able to diagnose early on the type and extent of your injury very quickly, which means beginning treatment quickly.  Also, our facilities have the equipment and personnel onsite so you are not bouncing to different locations to run different diagnostics. Our specialists ensure accurate tests with timely results, to get you on the path to recovery as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

2) Preservation of Your Rights 

As we are very experienced with working with accident injuries, we also work with the insurance and legal aspects of accident law. We are informed and knowledgeable of the preservation of evidence, methodologies and practices to protect your rights and claim, and to pursue the maximum recovery due to you under the law.  We know the urgency needed to begin treatment as soon as possible. Our staff is aware of the common pitfalls, and actively works to avoid them, working in favor of your physical, mental and financial recovery. 

3) Multiple Treatment and Recovery Options

Over time we have identified the necessary specialties for treatment and recovery for accident injuries, and we have incorporated them into our practice.  From pain injections to orthopaedic surgery, from chiropractic to physical therapy, we offer a wide gamut of services for our patients.  For more information on the treatment services available, click here or on any of the images below:

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